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                         Memories of the Past

The setting sun shines brightly through the car window, warming Luka's face as he drives Yuki home from school. He closes his eyes for a moment. `Yuki, I love you and even if you don't remember me, or love me back as long as I am by your side I will be ok.' Opening his eyes to look at Yuki once again seeing Sodom sitting on his shoulder enjoying the breeze coming from the open window and Yuki lost in thought. Worry fills Lukas eyes, "Is everything ok?" He asks with a soft voice. Looking back at the road and still watching him from the corner of his eye.

Yuki looks over at Luka seeing his hair blowing in the wind reminding him of the first time they met. He smiles. "Everything is fine." Yuki replies happily. `I might not be able to tell you how I truly feel just yet, but I can at least tell you this.' Looking away from Luka and takes a deep breath and lets it out. "I missed you today." He says softly.

Luka not looking away from the road slowly widens his eyes and his heart beats fast. He grips the wheel tighter trying to get himself under control he fights the urge to pull over the car as he silently waits for Yuki to finish.

"I was thinking about you in class, and I started to wonder where you could be at, at that time. I wondered what you could be doing, and I came realized that I am happy to have you with me and I want to stay at your side no matter what happens in the future. As long as I am with you I can handle anything that comes." He finishes, looking back up at Luka seeing the shocked look on his face `oh no. Did I say too much?' Yuki quickly looks away. "Never leave me ok?" He whispers.

Luka stares at Yuki with wide eyes, not knowing what to say. The longing to touch him returning, he reaches out to brush the hair from Yuki's face getting him to look back at him again. Luka searches Yuki's golden eyes for any meaning behind his words. `Yuki could it be that you still love me?' Dropping his hand he look back at the road again and smiles. "You don't have to worry Yuki. I will stay by your side for as long as you want me to. I will never leave you." He finally says after a long moment of silence. He closes his eyes. `You are, too important to me so I will always be by your side.' He opens his eyes right as they drive though, the tunnel to the Twilight Mansion.

Tears fill Yuki's eyes as he looks upon Lukas beautiful face and he smiles warmly at Luka. "Thank you Luka." He tells him with joy. `I am sorry I couldn't tell you what I truly want to say, but it's all I could say for now.'

Luka pulls into the driveway of the Twilight Mansion taking off his sunglasses he turns towards Yuki and wipes away his tears with his finger. "I am here Yuki, I will never betray you." He says softly with a smile.

Yuki looking into Lukas silver eyes, `there's some happiness shining through the sadness, did what I say make him happy. I am really glad I got you to smile.' Yuki still smiling gets out of the car with Luka and walks over to him and puts his hand on his cheek. "I am really glad to see you smile Luka. It really makes me happy." He tells him.

Looking down at Yuki, Luka presses his cheek into Yuki's hand feeling the warmth of it on his face he closes his eyes. "Yuki" he sighs `Why do you do this to me, it's taking all of my strength to not kiss you right now.' Opening his eyes to look back at Yuki he takes his hand from his cheek into his and holds it for a moment.

It starts to get colder out as the clouds move in covering the beautiful sun set. Snow lightly starts to fall on top of Yuki and Luka both of them looking up at the snow Yuki's smile widens "It's snowing." He says joyfully. He looks back at Luka who is still looking up at the snow. With his hair light blowing in the wind and snow falling all around him makes him look like an angel.

Luka looking away from the snow looks back down at Yuki. "Let's go inside. You will catch a cold in this weather." He says softly before turning towards the Mansion, followed closely by Yuki.

Luka, Yuki, and Sodom, now in his human form, all walk into the dining hall together. Luka turns and brushes a hand across Yuki's face giving him a quick smile before turning to go to his spot in the back of the room. Yuki smiles back at Luka and watch's him walk away longing for him to stay closer sighing he turns away and walks over to take a seat at the table.

Tooko, seeing the display of affection between Luka and Yuki she smiles. `Aww they are so cute.' She thinks to herself. "You seem to be in a better mood Yuki. Luka looks happier too." She says slyly trying to get Yuki to talk to talk to her.

Yuki looks over at Tooko with a smile that's been on his face since the car. "Huh-oh, we are just happy to see each other, that's all." He says shyly feeling his cheeks warm. He looks past Tooko to see Tooma bringing out the food.

Tooko still smiling, `That's good, I am happy for you both. Even though you don't remember anything from your past, love will always find away.' She turns to Tooma with a smile that hasn't left her face. "Mmmm that smells so yummy Tooma." She says with delight as she smells the air getting lost in the aroma.

"I made Italian again since everyone really liked it the last time I made it. I also made tomato bread and for dessert I have made tempura fried ice cream." He says bringing out a tray of pastas, salads, and breads.

"Can I just skip to dessert please?" Tsukumo asks out loud as he puts a chip in his mouth.

"Tsukumo!" Tooko yells at her brother, turning her head to face him. She glares at him with an evil look in her eyes. "No you may not have dessert first. Tooma-san went through the trouble in making all this yummy food, you will eat it got it."

Tsukumo swallowing the chip in his mouth looks at his sister with sad defeated eyes, knowing there was no way to win against her, closing his eye. "Oh fine" he sighs with a crushed heart he puts another chip in his mouth. 'I really wanted dessert.'

Tooma seeing the bag of chips in Tsukumo's hands walks up to him "What are you eating?" he asks angrily.

"Shrimp chips" Tsukumo replies putting another chip in his mouth. Tooma takes the bag of chips away from him. Tsukumo just glares at him "Uh-oh" `First dessert now my chips, oh well the chip bag was empty anyway'

"You will spoil your dinner, and if you don't eat your food you will get not dessert." Tooma says with a smile, looking inside the chip bag and sees that's it is empty. He sighs and walks away to clean up the kitchen.

Yuki and Tooko both start to laugh. "Oh Tsukumo, you are always making Tooma mad at you." Tooko says between giggles.

Tsukumo just smiles at his sister. "What can I say? It's a gift." He says with a laugh and quickly eats his food so he can have his dessert.

"Why are you not eating Shuusei?" Hotsuma asks from across the table while glaring at his partner. Everyone stops what they are doing and looks over at them.

"I am not hungry." Shusei replies softy and smiles over at Hotsuma

Getting angry Hotsuma points a finger at Shusei's plate. "You are never hungry, but you are going to eat or do I have to feed you myself?" Looking away from Shusei, his anger fading away he whispers to his partner. "If you don't eat you will get sick and die, and we are supposed to live together right so please eat."

"Aww Hotsuma" Tooko whispers to herself.

Shusei still smiling, he looks at Hotsuma with soft sad eyes. "Ok for you I will eat." He says taking a bite of his food. "For you I will do anything."

Yuki smiles at Shusei and Hotsuma. `So that must be what love is.' He thinks to himself, looking over towards Luka seeing him watching him. `I wonder if Luka and I can have a love like Hotsuma and Shusei.' Looking away from Luka Yuki takes another bite of his food. `I just have to tell him.'

A tired Yuki climbs into bed he looks over to Luka. "Will you stay here tonight?" he asks him, wanting him close.

Luka pulls the covers over Yuki, and sits down on the bed. "I will" he replies with a smile, he looks into Yuki's eyes seeing the past in them. `Could there be hope? Will I get the chance to hold you again? Will I get to taste your sweet lips once again?' Sighing softly he gets up. "Sleep, I will be here when you wake up."

Yuki slowly closes his eyes. "Night my dear Luka" he whispers before sleep takes over.

Sodom in his little dragon form curls up next to Yuki's head and falls asleep with Yuki.

Luka watch's him for a moment then bows his head and smiles. `You said my dear Luka like you did long ago, there is hope after all.' Turning to walk out onto the balcony he stares up at the moon. `But when will I get to hold you again? How long will it take for your memories to return?' Hearing Yuki moaning in his sleep Luka turns to watch him. `He must be dreaming, of what though? Will he remember this one? Oh Yuki, my love the things you do to me. I am lost without you.' Looking back up at the moon one last time then he sits down in a chair to watch the sleeping Yuki.

Yuki sits up in bed and looks around the room, the cool breeze blowing through the window cools her face.

"You're awake." A voice calls out.

Yuki looks towards the direction of the voice to find the love of her life walking towards her, she smiles happily. "My dear Luka." She says lovingly.

"How did you sleep?" He asks her. Sitting down next to her he kisses her forehead gently.

Yuki smiling at him and nods her reply. She rest her head on Luka's chest and he wraps his arms around her and places his cheek on top of her head, breathing in her sweet sent.

`How did I get so lucky?' Yuki wonders.

"My beloved Yuki," Luka whispers, still holding her in his arms not wanting to move.

"Luka I want you to know something."

Luka opens his eyes slightly. "What is it my beloved?"

~`Is this a memory? Was Luka and past me lovers? Did that love carry over to this life'~

Yuki hesitant for a moment she pushes herself from Luka so she can see his face. He looks at her lovingly as he waits for her. "My dear Luka always remember no matter what I look like, and no matter what I am born into I will always love you, no matters happens please never forget." Yuki tells him as she places her hand on his cheek, never looking away from his beautiful silver eyes. Hi eyes that have always captivated her, his eyes holding so much love in them whenever he looks upon her. The eyes he shows no one but her. "My dear Luka"

Taking her hand and giving it a gentle kiss before bring it down. He gently grabs her face and moves in to give her a short but passionate kiss pulling back a little he looks into her golden eyes, seeing himself reflecting in them, seeing his whole world, his reason to live. He smiles a warm loving smile at her and says. "Yuki you are my light, my hope, my reason to live. You are everything to me. I love you Yuki and I will always be by your side to love and protect you, no matter what." With that being said he goes in to kiss her, but was too late, Yuki wraps her arms around him, pulling him closer and kisses him long and hard.

Breathing heavily Luka kisses her back tasting her sweet lips a soft moan escapes his lips, "Yuki, my beloved" he whispers as they part. They stare into each other's eyes and in that moment time stops.

Resting her head on Luka's chest once again and closes her eyes. "My darling Luka, can we stay in this moment together for just a little longer?" she whispers

"As long as you wish, my love." He replies.

Yuki opens his eyes and bolts up to a sitting position. 'Was that a dream?'

`No it was a memory.' Says a voice that sounded like it came from deep within his soul.

`You're past me aren't you?' Yuki asks the voice.

`Yes I am.' She replies `you must remember' and the voice fades away.

`So that dream wasn't a dream, but a memory. And that voice in side my soul was past me. Am I starting to remember? I can't remember much about the memory that came to me in a dream only bits and pieces, but hey it's more then all my other dreams I had that I can't remember.'

Excited he jumps out of bed, scaring Sodom out of his sleep and knocking him to the floor. Shaking himself off Sodom flies up off the floor and stares at Yuki wondering what got him so riled up, he then flies over to Yuki and lands on his shoulder. "Byrup" he says.

"Oh Sodom I am sorry I didn't mean you wake you like that I am just so excited." Yuki exclaims.

"Excited about what?" Luka asks, stepping in from the shadows.

Yuki spins around and sees Luka standing there and smiles as he looks up into his eyes. `I remember these eyes from my dream.' Smiling up at Luka, "I am excited because, I think I may be getting my memories back." He replies

Luka's eyes growing wider `What? Has he remembered?' He wonders

Yuki turning away, he goes to his wardrobe to get a change of clothes. "I had a dream last night and I don't remember it all I only remember shadows of people and a strong feeling of love that's it. I know it was a memory." Yuki says to Luka without turning around.

Luka stares at Yuki in a daze not believing what he is hearing. `Strong felling of love it sounds like he was dreaming about us from the past. Will he remember the rest? Please let him remember me. I know I will be alright just being next to him, but it's not enough anymore. I want him I need him in my arms again. It's getting harder and harder to control myself as the days go by.' Bringing his arms up to his middle he looks a Yuki with a longing, "I see" is all he could say.

Yuki all dressed now comes up to Luka and places his hand on Luka's chest, seeing the cross he made him. "I need to make you another one now that my powers are growing." He tells him with a smile, he looks up into Luka's eyes. `Oh good the sadness is gone now, I see hope in its place, hope that I will get my memories back.' "I will remember you Luka and when I do I will be able to tell you what I have been meaning to tell you for a while now." He tells him softly. `I will be able to tell you that I love you'

Luka places one hand on top of Yuki's that is still on his chest and hold it there. With the other hand he cups Yuki's cheek and stares into his golden eyes seeing his world in them once again he smiles softly. Using all of his strength he fights the urge to kiss him once again. `Just a little longer and he will be in my arms once again.' "I am here Yuki. you don't need to rush it they will come."

Yuki not wanting the moment to end, but knowing he has to go to school soon, sighs. Yuki stands on his tippy toes and kisses Luka's cheek before going to leave, Luka grabs Yuki's arm and they stand there for a moment there backs to each other. The kiss on the cheek was enough to send Luka's body into overdrive, Luka clench's his teeth together trying to get himself under control.

"Luka are you ok?" Yuki asks

Luka lets go of Yuki's arm "Yes I am fine, go I will see you at breakfast." He says without turning around.

"Ok. See you there." Yuki says and then leaves.

Luka and Sodom left in the room to process what just happened. Luka brings his hand to the spot were Yuki kissed him, his body shaking with the need for his beloved Yuki. `Yuki, do you realize what you did to me just now? I wanted to pull you back to me to kiss you so bad.' Falling to his knees, `I need you now I can't take this anymore. I know I said to take your time, but please hurry and remember.'

Sodom transforms into his human form, he puts his arms around his master for comfort. "Master isn't it great Yuki is starting to remember? Now master can be happy."

Luka pulling himself together and stands up forcing Sodom to let go of him. "Let's go Sodom." He demands and walks out of the room with Sodom.

Yuki sees Luka walk into the dining hall and his heart skips a beat.

`You must remember our dear Luka' Past Yuki calls out from deep in his soul, `please remember him.' And the voice fades away again. The dream he had last night comes back to him, and like a wave hitting him hard a rush of memories of past Yuki and Luka fills his head. He cries out in pain, grabbing his head suddenly dizzy he collapses to the floor.

"Yuki!" Everyone cried out at once.

Luka rushes to his side before anyone else, kneeling down he grabs the unconscious Yuki bringing him closer to him. "Yuki" he calls out with worry.

"Someone get the doctor." Tooko yells out to anyone as tears fill her eyes.

Hotsuma, Shusei, and Tachibana rush out to get the doctor leaving everyone else to tend to Yuki.

Tsukumo comes up behind his sister and hugs her. Turning around she leans into her brother and cries. "What happened, Tsukumo? One minute he's fine then the next he's on the ground."

"Don't worry he will be fine. A wave of memories came back to him all at once and his body went into shock that's all, he just needs some rest now. When he wakes up he will be good as new," Tsukumo tells his sister as he strokes her hair and stares down at Luka holding Yuki close to him with worry written all over his face.

Tooko pulls away from Tsukumo and looks at him with tear filled eyes. "Remembering what?" She asks him.

Tsukumo smiles at his dear sister and wipes away her tears. "I don't know, I just felt the wave of memories hit Yuki, but I did see flashes of Luka though. So he might be remembering him." He replies to his sister.

Both Tsukumo and Tooko look down at Yuki lying in Lukas arms. `Yuki please be ok. `

Luka pulling Yuki closer to him holds him tight. Luka closes his eyes to hide the tears. `I am so sorry Yuki'

Tooko watch's them, tears coming to her eyes once again this time for Luka. The noise from the hall makes her turn to the entrance of the dining hall. Hotsuma, Shusei, Tachibana, Dr. Isuzu, and Takashiro all rush in.

"Where's Yuki?" Dr. Isuzu asks

"Over with Luka." Tsukumo answers "but I think he will be fine once he gets some rest."

"What happened?" Dr. Isuzu asks as he kneels down next to Luka and Yuki so he can take a better look.

Luka glares at him not wanting to let go of Yuki. He stands up with Yuki in his arms. "If Tsukumo says he will be fine and just needs rest then I will take him back to his room. You don't need to look at him, Doctor." He says and walks out with Sodom close behind.

Tsukumo explains to everyone what happened as they watch Luka leave with Yuki... Once he was done telling what happened everyone then agrees that it would be best to wait and let him rest.

Luka places Yuki down in his bed and covers him up. He then sits down next to him. Luka brushes the hair out of Yuki's eyes so he can see his face better. "Yuki, somehow I feel this is my fault, and I am so sorry. This is one of the reasons why I didn't want your memories to return. I didn't want you to suffer. It hurts me to much seeing you suffer and I wanted to protect you from this." Clenching his hands into tight fists as tears start to fall, he closes his eyes tightly to get the tears to stop. "Damn it Yuki please be ok. When you wake up I promise I will tell you everything including how I feel about you, just please be ok." Luka whispers

Luka slowly gets up and Sodom looks up at his master with worried sad eyes. "Will Yuki be ok master?

"I hope so Sodom, I really hope so." Luka replies sadly "For now let him rest ok. You can sleep next to him if you like, but leave him be for now ok." Looking down at Yuki with worried eyes not wanting to leave his side, he decides to sit in the chair he was in last night to watch over Yuki.

"Ok master" Sodom replies with a worried voice before transforming into a little dragon, then flies over to Yuki and curls up next to him and falls asleep.

Luka draws up one knee to his chest and places his arm on his knee so he can rest his head. "Yuki" Luka whispers.

Hours passes by since Yuki passed out, Luka who hasn't moved from his spot finally looks up and over towards Yuki when he hears him move around. Seeing Yuki sit up in bed Luka gets up and rushes over to him "Are you alright?" He asks with worry still in his voice.

Yuki looks to Luka remembering everything that happened earlier this morning and the memories he got back of Luka he jumps out of bed knocking the sleeping Sodom to the floor once again, he leaps into Luka's arms and buries his face in Lukas chest. "My dear Luka I am so sorry that I made you worry." He cries.

Sodom flies up off the floor and glares at Yuki and growls then realizing Yuki is alright changes into a human and rushes to him. "Yay Yuki you're ok."

Luka puts his arms around his beloved Yuki not saying a word he waits on Yuki, happy to have him in his arms again. Looking at Sodom he orders him to leave.

Obeying his master Sodom sadly leaves the room.

Yuki still holding Luka, tears falling down his face he doesn't move. "I remember you, I remember us and all the times we shared together, our love for each other. I still don't remember the others, but I do remember us, and it's my fault you were suffering this whole time. I am so sorry my dear Luka."

Luka pulling away just a little to see his face, he wipes away his tears. "It's all right. It's not your fault." Luka tells him softly as he holds him close.

"But it is by not remembering I caused you pain. Seeing your sad eyes every day and not knowing why, but now I know it's because you loved me and I couldn't remember that which is important to me. I am sorry Luka. My dear sweet Luka" Yuki tells him still crying.

Luka gently holds him tightly, holding him close to him. "It was enough just to have you at my side again. There's no need to cry." He tells him softly to comfort him. "I could never blame you for my suffering, so please don't cry it was never your fault Yuki. I love you."

Finally able to stop the tears from falling Yuki looks up into Lukas eyes seeing the love he has for him in them and smiles. Placing a hand on Lukas cheek, "I can finally tell you that I love you my beloved Luka. I loved you before I got my memories back, but was too afraid to tell you, I tried so many times but I couldn't get the words out, but now I can. I love you so much Luka."

Luka fees the urge to kiss him rise, and not able to take the wait any longer, reaches out with both hands cupping Yuki's face. He leans in and kisses him long and hard and full of passion. Yuki unable to resist him, puts his hands around Lukas waist and kisses him back.

Luka pulls away after a long moment fighting to hold back, he looks at Yuki "After what happened are you ok to do this?" He asks breathlessly, unsure of himself.

Yuki breathing heavily not wanting the kiss to end looks at him with blurry eyes. "Yes I am fine, now kiss me."

Smiling Luka gladly obeys his wishes and kisses him once again. Running his fingers though Yuki's hair as he kisses him tasting his sweet lips, he slowly guides him to the wall as they kiss and gently pushes him up against it. A soft moan escapes Yuki's lips as he hits the wall. Luka worried he might have hurt him pulls away "Are you ok?"

Yuki not answering him grabs the back of Lukas head and pulls him closer to continue kissing him.

Luka letting go of some of his control he places a hand on Yuki's lower back and the other pressed up against the wall for support as he kisses him harder.

Yuki moans breathlessly as he moves one hand down Lukas back to his waist, the taste of his lips driving him crazy he grabs a handful of Lukas hair wanting more of him.

Moving his hand from Yuki's back Luka grabs the back of Yuki's neck breathing heavily he slowly moves his lips from Yuki's and kisses him from his jaw to his neck then his shoulder, tasting every bit as he moves along.

Another moan escapes his lips as he feels Lukas warm lips caress his neck and shoulder, feeling the slightest touch of Lukas fangs run across his skins sends his body into overdrive and he goes weak at the knees. "More" he barely whispers out of breath.

Slowly kissing his way back up Yuki's neck, Luka eagerly does as he's told and giving Yuki what he wants, he makes it up to his mouth and presses his lips to Yuki's. The need for his beloved being too great he loses what control he had left, he moves his hand from the wall placing it around Yuki's waist and presses himself into him. Feeling Yuki's body next to his he lets a moan slip.

Yuki not wanting this to end lets Luka take control over him as they slowly slide to the floor.

Luka on his hands and knees over the top of Yuki his hair falling down in front of him he stares down at Yuki. Yuki laying on the ground his hands now at his side on the floor stares up at Luka both of them trying to catch their breaths and neither one wanting to stop. Luka leans down on his arms and starts to play with Yuki's hair as he continues to look into Yuki's eyes seeing his desire for more he leans in and continues to kiss him passionately.

Yuki moves his hands under Lukas shirt and runs his fingers across his back feeling the warmth of his skin he pulls him closer to feel his body on his and he kisses him back much harder this time.

Everyone still worried about Yuki, sits in the living room doing their own thing trying to keep their minds off of what happened. Hotsuma shows Shusei how to play some of his video games while Kuroto plays a game of shogi with Senshirou. Tooko sits on the couch with her brother. "I wonder how Yuki's doing. It's been hours since what happened." She says out loud with a worried voice.

"He will be fine, he just needs some rest and when he wakes up I will know and then we can go see him ok. Don't worry dear sister, everything will be fine ok." Tsukumo tells her as he puts a piece of chocolate in his mouth. Catching ahold of Yuki's mind at the same time he starts to choke on the chocolate.

"Are you ok Tsukumo?" Tooko asks patting him on his back.

"Yes I am fine." He says between coughs "Yuki's fine, we are all fine." Clearing his throat and smiles `Go Yuki'

"Oh good don't scare me like that Tsukumo." She tells him "Wait did you say Yuki's fine?" She asks him as she stares at him with big wide eyes.

Tsukumo taking a drink of water looks at his sister. "Eh-what? Oh yeah Yuki is fine, just fine." He says with a blush.

"So is he awake?" she asks him eagerly. And everyone stands up at once and walks over to Tsukumo and Tooko so they can hear too.

Tsukumo looks at everyone one by one and stops on Tooko who is giving him the "Well?" look. "Yes he is awake and before you ask no, we can't go see him just yet."

Tooko broken hearted looks at her brother with sad eyes. "Aww why? You said we could go see him when he wakes up. So why Tsukumo?" she asks her brother. Everyone else wanting to know why also wait for him to reply.

"Well, one word nightmares." He says and everyone looks at him confused. Sighing Tsukumo clears his throat still looking at Tooko like he's only talking to her and no one else. "Well you remember that time where Hotsuma and Shusei didn't come out of there room all day because they were you know "playing video games and talking" well my point is Yuki tells Luka he loves him and Luka kisses him and well now they're just happy to be together again." He says to his sister feeling his cheeks warm. "Can I stop thinking about it now?"

Tooko blushes "Oh" she giggles "I am glad their together again that makes me happy." She says with a smile `I am glad Yuki remembered you Luka now you can be happy once again.'

Being so worried about Yuki, it took Hotsuma a minute to catch what Tsukumo had said. "Hey wait were you spying on us?" Hotsuma yells at Tsukumo angrily.

Tsukumo turning around to look at Hotsuma "I couldn't help it you guys have loud minds. Yours being the loudest Hotsuma, it's not like I wanted to see that I had nightmares for a week after that." He says calmly back at him. Hotsuma glares at Tsukumo about to say something but Tooko didn't give his the chance.

"Ok enough both of you." She says looking at both of them "Now that we know Yuki is ok, let's leave him alone for now we can always see him later. And besides Luka is there and that's what he needs right now, so let's all do something fun ok." She says as she gets up.

Tsukumo looks around the room and watch's everyone going back to what they were doing before and notices Shusei red face feeling bad he sighs' "I am sorry Shusei I didn't mean to embarrass you. Still friends?" He says softly with a smile.

"Hey wait a minute what about my apology Tsukumo?" Hotsuma yells

"What about it?" Tsukumo asks teasingly he looks over at Hotsuma and smiles.

Knowing he's being teased Hotsuma makes his hands into fist "Don't I get an apology too?" he says angrily.

"Oh yea I am sorry too Hotsuma." Tsukumo replies jokingly and laughs.

Shusei starts laughing "Its ok Tsukumo. It looks like Hotsuma is more embarrassed than me." Shusei says with a smile. Hotsuma glares at Shusei before turning around to go back to his video game. Tsukumo smiles and nods he gets up and walks over to his sister.

Here is my 3rd chapter to my fanfic hope you all enjoy it =D

A special thanks to my very good friend gozita444 for helping out with my story, she helped me with some parts and lines in this.
I would also like to give another special thanks to syrasyarah for being a good beta and edited my story thank you to the both of you your both awesome =D

Pairing Luka and Yuki and Yuki gets something back.

Please please leave me a comment letting me know what you all think thank you so much.

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own the series Uraboku
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I saw your review on it =D and thank you so much for it I really appreciate it very much. I am so glad you are enjoying my story and thank you for checking it out :) if your interested I have a special side story to my fanfic it is a thanksgiving story with everyone if you want to read it it is both on here and on the fanfic site i would love to here what you think of it if you do read it lol anyways thank you again =D :hug:
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Bit a problem! And sure, I will :D. *hug*
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